How to Mint NFTs on UnicusOne

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How to Mint NFTs on UnicusOne

Uniquely positioned as the next gen multi-chain Web 3.0 platform for metaverse, gaming, and NFT economy, UnicusOne focuses on simplifying trading and supports a multi-wallet system. Currently, wallets supported include Coinbase, Metamask, WalletConnect and MEW (MyEtherWallet).

A marketplace on a different pedestal, UnicusOne allows content creators to mint NFTs with ease and add the necessary information as metadata to achieve the desired goal.

What is NFT minting

The process of tokenizing a digital file using cryptography is termed minting. It turns an asset into a non-fungible digital token which can be stored, and recorded on a blockchain. Some platforms support moving of NFTs across blockchains.

The process of minting an NFT is easy and anyone with some exposure to the crypto ecosystem shouldn’t face any trouble doing it. Even the uninitiated can complete the process with some guidance.

Let us take a dive into how to mint NFTs on UnicusOne, tailored for someone with no exposure to the cryptosphere.

Get an account on a crypto exchange

In the mainstream financial system, you can’t move a thing without having a bank account, can you? In the crypto world, you will require a crypto address with an exchange for most basic stuff. Thereafter, the first step you need to take is to register yourself on an exchange and get a wallet. Most exchanges have a standard process for onboarding new users. This includes them submitting soft copies of their identity documents and completing face identity verification.

Get an address on a supported wallet

Next step is to get a crypto address on any of the supported wallets – Coinbase, Metamask, WalletConnect and MEW (MyEtherWallet). You also need to hold enough crypto on your wallet to pay the fee for minting the token. In case you don’t have enough crypto on the supported wallet, you will need to move some coins from the exchange wallet address.

Here is brief information about the supported wallets:

  • Coinbase wallet functions on mobile as well as via a browser extension.
  • Metamask is a popular browser extension wallet with great flexibility.
  • WalletConnect is an open source protocol for linking dApps to mobile wallets with deep linking or QR code scanning.
  • MEW (MyEtherWallet) is an interface that enables you to interact with the Ethereum blockchain.

MetaMask is the most popular option when it comes to wallet. Though most people use it as a browser extension for Chrome and Brave, it is also available as cold storage when integrated with a hardware wallet like Ledger or Trezor. To add it as an extension to your browser, you just have to go to and download it. On the upper right side of your browser, it appears as a tiny orange box.

Sign up on UnicusOne using the wallet

UnicusOne provides an option to connect your wallet address with the marketplace.  Once the wallet is connected, you will have an unnamed profile on UnicusOne.

Verification of account

To verify your account, you need to enter your email address and a username. Gear up now to mint an NFT.

Minting an NFT

  • Click the create button.
  • Upload your NFT. Make sure the NFT you intend to mint is in a format allowed on UnicusOne. Name your NFT, upload it, and click on the create option.
  • UnicusOne will mint your NFT. Give your NFT a title and an engaging description data.
  • For minting, you need to pay a transaction fee in U1, a native token of the marketplace.

Listing of NFT

To sell the NFT, you will need to list it. UnicusOne provides you the option of using auctions or fixed-price listings. You need to categorize your NFTs carefully though to enable buyers to find it with ease.

Selling an NFT to make money

UnicusOne serves as a platform where anyone can mint an NFT and sell to potential buyers to make money. The NFTs minted are listed on the platform. Depending on the demand of the NFT, you may be able to fetch even more money than expected. NFT creators who are able to position themselves well are able to earn more than others.

Creating an NFT collection

Just minting an NFT or two won’t serve any purpose until you are a really lucky fella. To make money that really gets counted, you have to keep minting and create a collection of NFTs. Your collection will stand out, thanks to the logo image, the featured image, and the banner. You will also get to fill in the description, category, and links to your networks.

Wrapping up

As an advanced multi-chain platform playing a critical role in supporting the NFT economy, UnicusOne enables you to mint NFTs and do a lot more. Once you have a wallet address ready on Coinbase, Metamask, WalletConnect or MEW (MyEtherWallet), connecting it to UnicusOne and minting NFTs becomes a cakewalk. You can list the NFTs, make a collection, and go selling, garnering your profits in the process.

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