Next-Gen NFT Marketplace Ecosystem to Look Out For

Next-Gen NFT Marketplace Ecosystem to Look Out For

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) are cryptographic assets on a blockchain network with unique identification codes. NFTs represent real-world artwork, virtual land, and other luxury products.

Real-world tangible goods are ‘tokenized’ to make them more efficient to buy, sell, and trade while also lowering the risk of fraud. The internet is entering into a new phase with Web 3.0 as it ushers in features such as autonomy, accessibility, transparency, and AI/ML. 

NFT marketplace is a decentralized market where digital creators can exchange their virtual products, connect with buyers, and trade non-fungible tokens. NFT marketplace is a decentralized platform that incorporates advanced KYC processes, a simple user interface, and enhanced speed and safe transactions. NFTs are adopted in advanced industries such as; gaming, art industry, real estate, etc. NFT marketplace is one of the next-gen industries that offers value and higher returns. 

Web 3.0 Platform

Emerging innovative technologies are impacting the digital world and the internet. Internet web 1.0 and 2.0 are highly centralized and offer poor user experience. These web services operated on a restrictive server as users could not control data. However, the internet has evolved into a new phase with the Web 3 explosion. Web 3.0 offers a high level of autonomy, giving each users control over their data. Backed by blockchain technology and semantic web, Web 3.0 offers maximum security. Next-generation technologies and economies such as NFTs, metaverse, and gaming are supported by Web 3.0. It operates on a public blockchain which makes transparency achievable among internet users. Web 3.0 is, without a doubt, a game-changing web offering trustless solutions. Web 3.0 explosion supports NFTs, Metaverse, and Gaming.

These tokenized real-world assets introduced an inclusive economy. The third quarter of 2021 witnessed NFTs trading volume worth over $10 billion. Metaverse offers an immersive experience into the digital world through virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and blockchain. 

Developers have predicted that the metaverse market size will be worth $800 billion by 2024. Metaverse gaming will be worth $400 billion by 2025. Virtual land has sold more than $2 million, and it is going to widen over time as the number of retailers collaborating with significant NFT marketplace increases.

Problems in the current NFT marketplace

NFTs are proliferating, but the market is fragmented and difficult to operate. The current NFT marketplace focuses less on enhancing the user experience as average users struggle to create, sell, and buy NFTs. The existing platform works on multiple blockchains, each with its token and unique platform processes, but they lack effective customer support channels. These limitations include; interoperability limited control over data, user experience, etc. 

Buying and selling of NFTs are getting more difficult on the existing NFT marketplace as different users find it challenging to adapt to the NFT ecosystem. There is no access to buying and selling NFTs across multiple blockchains, and priority is not given to users’ experience. The current NFT marketplace focuses on creating NFTs and has not paid much attention to operating a proper marketplace. The existing NFT marketplace is limited due to its complex interface, lack of customer support channels, limited payment methods, and absence of verification. 

The existing NFT platform lacks primary guidance, making it more complicated for new digital creators. NFTs are heading to the moon with the growth in popularity, yet there is no easy access. These limitations hinder the broader adoption of non-fungible tokens, paving the way for the next-generation NFT marketplace. 

Unicus solution 

NFT marketplace in Web 3.0 is filling the vacuum left by the existing NFT marketplace. Web 3.0 NFT marketplace is reintroducing decentralization and the use of public blockchain. Unicus is a next-generation multichain Web 3 platform for metaverse, NFT, and gaming. They are creating values and offering lasting solutions to the limitations of the existing NFT marketplace. 

Unicus offers different revenue plans as a solution to transaction fee challenges. Buyers don’t have to face difficulty with buying NFTs. Unicus permits buyers to use credit cards or cryptocurrencies, encouraging customized partnerships with revenue sharing on new native tokens. Value is created through an exclusive collaboration with metaverse projects regarding the listing and trading of NFTs.

Unicus offers easy access to projects and digital creators to tap into NFTs’ full potential. A set of sophisticated tools, backed by fully audited contracts, enables you to quickly and easily identify, mint, purchase, and trade NFTs.Transferring tokens to other blockchains is easy, and you can also learn about the history of NFTs. Unicus delivers comprehensive transparency, inter-chain operability, and seamless functional efficiency to an ecosystem shaped by constraints.

The platform permits metaverse projects, including the avatar, to list their NFT drop so buyers can also purchase the token. Unicus is perfect for gaming NFTs as any P2E gaming platform can get their NFTs listed and access continuous trading.

Unicus enhances smooth NFT trading as various NFT collections appear when someone clicks on your platform. It is an ideal platform for distributing and exchanging your NFTs. Unicus promotes trustless NFT trading and smart contracts on each connected blockchain. You may safely discover, buy, or trade any NFT without fear of losing your money.

Furthermore, Unicus provides complete statistics and historical capabilities, allowing you to observe a particular NFT’s sales history, including dates and price fluctuations. Unicus works as a full NFT explorer for several blockchains, and it enables users to browse any form of NFT events, mint tokens, and access transfer history.

All-in-one, interoperable marketplace

Unicus is an all-in-one, interoperable marketplace that connects developers to the NFT ecosystem. The Unicus infrastructure helps developers and digital creators to build their NFTs and sell them to interested buyers in exchange for cash or cryptocurrencies. Unicus has an exclusive partnership with metaverse projects regarding the listing and trading of NFTs. 

Unicus NFT platform has an NFT Explorer with a gallery view for NFT discovery, social media sharing, and collaboration among community users. Unicus NFT platform is a decentralized platform that supports payments through credit cards and cryptocurrency. Buying and selling NFTs have been made accessible on the Unicus NFT platform. Unicus supports multiple blockchain protocols starting with Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, blockchain protocols, and cross-chain tokenization. 

Some of the upcoming features of Unicus NFT platform include; white-labeled NFT Storefronts, Real World Asset (RWA) NFTs, NFT Collateralized Loans, NFT Multi-Ownership, NFT aggregation from external platforms, Introduction of Fiat Payment option, NFT in Business domain. 


Some of the features available on the Unicus NFT platform include; convenient classification, a wide variety of Collectibles, multi-wallet support with integrations, highly intuitive UI for Buyers and Sellers, smooth Bidding Process, decentralized Secure NFT Vault, event Tickets and Drops, and low Transaction gas fee due to Layer 2 solutions. 

Unicus will be governed as a decentralized organization managed by the users and token holders. Furthermore, Unicus provides complete statistics and historical capabilities, allowing you to observe a specific NFT’s entire sales history, including dates and price fluctuations since it was formed – honestly and transparently. Unicus also works as a genuine NFT explorer for any chain that has been or is currently being merged.

Wrapping up

NFTs are highly speculative and are still fast-growing. While there are many NFT marketplaces, Unicus is a unique NFT marketplace platform to sell your work and buy NFTs. Unicus allows you to tap into NFTs’ full potential. A set of sophisticated tools, backed by fully audited contracts, enables you to quickly and easily identify, mint, purchase, and trade NFTs.

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