UnicusOne For Creators


What Makes UnicusOne The Best Choice For Creators?

Inclusive Pricing With Affordable Gas Fee
Seamless Experience with User-Friendly Platform, Complete Hand-Holding and Dedicated Account Manager
Continuous Improvisations and Updates
Dedicated Relationship Manager for Handling of Queries, Grievances and Issues
Multi-Chain Solution

For Creators


UnicusOne comes with some of the most advanced features for NFTs

Copyright and Proof of Ownership for the Artwork

Economic and Everlasting Preservation of the Creation

New and Recurring Stream of Income

Global and Decentralised Marketplace

Zero Set-Up Cost

Easier and Quicker way to sell with standard and smart contracts.

Security of Transactions with the help of block chain

Perpetual and Automated Royalty Income

Verifiable and Authentic –Records are maintained on block chain ledger.

Elimination of Middlemen and Direct Interaction with Prospects.

Go To Market

Value Differentiators

0 Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships with partners with huge assets and influencers. Exclusive partnership with Metaverse projects for seamless NFT Minting & Trading

0 NFT Storefronts

UnicusOne Marketplace supports white-label NFT storefronts for brands to launch their own marketplaces

0 APIs and SDKs

The UnicusOne APIs enable anyone platform with digital assets to start offering NFT tokenization with UnicusOne as the secondary marketplace

0 B2B NFT Assets

UnicusOne will create NFT Framework for Business assets to be tokenized and traded on the UnicusOne Marketplace

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